Per estimates, we receive more energy in one hour from sun, than entire world can use in a year. Even after this mammoth amount of energy hitting us every hour, majority of the world still struggles with energy poverty. India is energy starving nation; majority of India is still to be formally connected to the grid. Government estimates are based on a single pole of electricity being built, but majority still don’t have access to electricity.


India is one of few fortunate countries which receive more than 300+ days of sun, most of them with direct sunlight with clear skies. The irradiation map of India from NISE clearly shows the extent of energy received by our country. Yet, we are struggling to provide cheap and reliable energy to every citizen of this nation.


At Sunlectric, we aim to make a paradigm shift, rather than facilitating grid dependency alone, we are striving to make hybrid approach a wide spread phenomenon.


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We are a very young company, still in learning phase, but that doesn’t stop us from aiming sky-high. In this fast paced and cut -throat competitive world of PV, we realised early on that just selling cheap solar products is not a sustainable model for long term flourishing business. And if there is no business then we can’t complete our aim, so right from the very beginning, we are striving very hard to differentiate ourselves, be it in terms of technology or superior products.


To realise our dreams we partnered with many international companies for supply of quality products and technology later in the business life cycle. Along with that we are proud to have partnered with MNRE and NISE product development team, especially for solar thermal applications.


We don’t just focus on photo voltaic aspect of solar, but the whole spectrum of products and services, Solar thermal is a big chunk of our targeted solutions, specially hilly areas and industries which require steam and hot water for their operations. Our current scope of services are as following;

  1. Solar PV EPC

  2. Solar PV and Thermal distribution

  3. Small scale wind -hybrid projects

  4. Investing in start-ups and research projects

  5. Investing money in financial instruments to back our long term finances.  

Other than these activities, we are constantly looking for opportunities in other renewable technology spaces. The future is either green or not at all is the motto we strongly believe in; we swear by it and we like to reflect that in our approach. We like to keep things very simple and mean business right from the start, so if you want a solution to your energy needs, or have some ideas to share with us please get in touch with us fast.